Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Arch

Today I wanted to share with you another transformation of our house. I like to call this the Arch. Our house, pre-renovation, had low ceilings and split off rooms. After Vlad knocked down the walls that separated our kitchen/family/dining areas, it was all wide open and spacious. However, we decided we wanted to play off an architectural feature from before, only update it. There used to be half a wall that separated the dining and family room areas, which had a peek-a-boo spot (as I like to call it). Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this area pre-renovation without people standing in front of it, so here's the best I could find.

You can't see very well here, but the wall was right against the brick wall, creating a corner (where we previously kept a desk). It had a rectangular opening that looked into the family room.

After Vladimir had the "Grand Discovery" about the ceiling, he decided to knock down all of the walls separating the rooms. (The wall pictured before is to the left)

Since the family room is one step lower than the rest of the space, we decided to build a wall similar to the one there previously. Since the ceiling went up a few extra feet, Vladimir decided to make the opening in the wall larger. He saw a wall with an arch in a house in our neighborhood and used it as his inspiration.

Here's a shot once the sheet rock was cut out.

 Instead of having the ceiling meet up into a crease, Vladimir made the middle point flat. This made hanging lighting fixtures much easier.

 As you can see, it was quite a process...

The finished product! Vladimir's beautiful Arch and the lighting fixture we chose to hang in it. :)

<3 Lauren

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  1. When you see the pictures of it before, it really brings home how much work he did on that house! It's such a beautiful end product! :)