Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buy Local, Eat Local

Recently I've seen a series of documentaries about food. They showcase the importance of eating locally grown food, the effect eating raw fruits & veggies on your overall health, and the ability of eating healthy to prevent disease. I feel like a giant light bulb just went off in my head and I feel like it's my responsibility to share that information. 

Not only is eating locally grown food better for your health, it's better for our entire community. If you haven't seen these documentaries, I highly recommend you do.

Food Inc. - Food Inc. has received a ton of attention worldwide. This documentary focuses on the major companies that control the majority of food produced in America. It's scary to think that the number one purchaser of beef, pork and potatoes in the world is McDonald's. The major companies that are producing meat in this country have completely changed the way animals are raised and it's disgusting.

Food Matters - This one hit the closest to home for me. It focuses on the ability of food to cause and prevent disease. It's amazing to see that eating raw veggies and fruits, taking vitamins, and steering clear of overly processed foods can really help prevent disease in your body. Which makes sense if you think about it, we really are what we eat. This made me be a lot more conscious of what I'm putting into my body. 

Forks over Knives - This documentary promotes the Vegan diet; and shows the negative effects of eating animals, animal products, and processed foods. It shows how changing your diet changes your health. America has such high rates of obesity and diabetes, and the way American's eat is the reason. 

Fresh - Fresh focuses on local farmers. It's so refreshing to see small farms letting their cows roam around and graze like they do naturally vs. being stored up inside and being fed an unnatural diet of corn feed. It promotes eating fresh food from local farms.

After seeing all of these documentaries and gaining all of this new information, my husband and I decided to make a change in our lives. We have changed our diet, cutting out overly processed foods, doubling up on fresh fruits and veggies, and buying & eating local whenever possible. Vladimir and I went to the south of the James Farmer's Market in Forest Hill Park for the first time yesterday and it was great. If you live in Richmond, you should check it out! So many local vendors of not only vegetables, but fresh local meat, pasta, and handmade crafts. Here's a few pics.

I definitely recommend looking into your own diet and researching the information that's out there. The local/organic bandwagon is one that is just find to hop on, and I hope you will! All of the documentaries I've listed are available on Instant Netflix. 

Here's a list of Farmer's Markets in Richmond
South of the James Farmer's Market - Forest Hill Park - Saturdays 8am-12pm
17th Street Farmer's Market - Saturdays & Sundays 830am-430pm
West End Farmer's Market - Saturdays 8am-12pm
Byrd House Farmer's Market - Tuesdays 330pm-7pm
Huguenot-Robious Farmer's Market - Thursdays 10am-2pm

<3 Lauren


  1. So nice that you have so many options of Farmer's markets in your area! Im so excited you are jumping on this band wagon!

  2. You found the local farmer's market, now it's time to find a local church :) physical diet: check! spiritual diet: next up :)