Friday, June 8, 2012

Family Room Makeover

Since we've already finished most of the major renovations to our home, I decided to look back through the different stages; starting off with our family room. The whole family/dining/kitchen areas started off separated with low ceilings. Here's a shot of the family room before.

Vladimir decided to take down the ceiling and replace the sheetrock because of several cracks running throughout... However, when he took the ceiling down, we had a wonderful discovery!

The ceilings went up an extra three or four feet! Vlad got some tips & pointers from a couple professionals and continued on with the next steps.

Once we got the sheetrock up, we quickly painted the entire space (of course making sure not to get unwanted paint on our exposed brick wall or hardwood floors) Since we couldn't do crown molding on the angle of the ceiling, Vladimir put strip of painter's tape right at the edge and painted over it. When we removed the tape it created a faux-molding look that we couldn't be more happy with.

We moved our West Elm Tillary sofa upstairs, joined with a gorgeous shag rug Vladimir's sister generously gave us, as well as our beloved Ikea Poang. Vladimir created our coffee table using a gorgeous piece of stone over top an Ikea table frame. Hopefully we'll be getting some art up on the walls soon :) 

Cat and Lucy love the new area... Especially taking naps on the shag rug. :)

Here's a view before and after from the other side of the family room. Vlad felt like a champ after painting.

We built an Ikea Besta entertainment center; it's gorgeous! You can completely customize it yourself, which is why we ended up choosing it. I decorated with a framed picture of one of my 4 year old niece's drawings, wedding pictures, and canvas prints I made of Cat and Lucy. 

I'm excited to show you the rest of the house as it comes together!

<3 Lauren

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  1. Family room looks great! You guys really did an awesome job! Can't wait to see it in person one day!