Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Very First Blog

Hello blogger Universe! My name is Lauren and I am a newlywed. I just put in my two weeks notice at my current job and will be a housewife for an undetermined amount of time. As it were, I have never not been employed or in school in my 25 years (if we don't count those infant/toddler years ;) ) I have decided since I will have the extra time, why not give blogging a shot. 

A little about me... I reside in Richmond Virginia (RVA to the locals); I have a BFA in Photography and Film; I am an avid crafter/DIYer/photographer; I am currently exploring raw food dieting and pescetarianism; my guilty pleasures are teen reads and HGTV.  I married a wonderful handyman Ukrainian named Vladimir in October 2011. As you will see with my blog, my husband can do ANYTHING. Our house has transformed from an outdated, boring, unpractical living space; to a wide open, contemporary, gorgeous home, all thanks to his gifted hands. 

One more note for my first blog post... On the way back from our honeymoon in Gulf Shores Alabama; my husband and I made a pit stop and picked up a 6 week old French Bulldog puppy who we named Lucy. She has since become a huge part of our little family (joining our black cat named Cat) They provide 90% of the entertainment in our home. Looking forward to a new chapter in life and hope you will join me :)  

Vladimir and I on our wedding day (photo cred. Peter Child)

My lil gal Lucy and I shortly after we first brought her home (photo cred. Daniel Rockburn)

Best of friends, Lucy and Cat