Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Basement Theater Renovation

Vladimir and I love watching movies... We watch a new movie just about every night. One of our biggest projects was renovating our basement, which we completed over a year ago. However, since we've completed it, it's just kind of sat there without enough attention. That's starting to change! 
Unfortunately, I don't have the "before" pictures to show the full space, but I do have some at the beginning stages of renovating. Basically, the space before was an empty room with concrete floors.
Since we both have such a love for cinema, we knew we wanted to make the large room a basement theater. 

Vladimir wanted to make a bar at the far end of the room. This is what the bar looked like at the very beginning stages. 

One of the properties Vladimir renovated had a basement theater, which is where he got a lot of his inspiration for ours. In that room they installed rectangular column-like structures attached to the walls. Vladimir reconstructed those structures (above) in our basement. They add a lot of drama and make the room feel more like a theater. He added large, extravagant crown molding to beef up the drama in this room as well.
Here is the room after the renovations were complete:
Several years back, Vladimir saw a type of granite tiles on super clearance. He didn't know what he would use them for back then. However, he stocked up because he couldn't pass up such a great deal. When we started on the basement, he found that he had enough tiles to cover the floors in the entire basement, so that's what he did! We bought a projector and installed it in front of the bar. We originally thought to buy a screen or paint the wall with screen white paint. However, the projector works just fine against the wall color that's already there!
Vladimir used a beautiful dark granite for the bar. It has bits of green that pop out when the light shines down on it. I love the idea he had to continue the granite in a triangle with the stairwell. We plan to add a shelf in that space to display bottles and glasses.
The column-like structures (what are those things called?!) turned out beautiful! We painted them a darker color than the walls to make them pop. Vladimir added a 6 speakers throughout the room. Four on the sides, one on the ceiling, and one behind the bar. It really feels like you're in a theater!
We have been searching for a couch to fill this space for a while. Originally, we had the couch that is now upstairs down here, but moved it upstairs once we finished the family room. The other day at Costco, we found a couch and fell in love. It was the least expensive sofa we've seen for that quality. Ecstatic, we saved up and bought it.
Lucy likes to help out Vlad whenever possible. Usually it's just by standing there looking cute :) We also bought this rug at Home Depot; cute, white 8x10 shag rug and for a great price! We made a major rookie mistake though... We forgot to measure the space and the couch before purchasing it!
As you can see here, the couch just barely fits... There is absolutely no room to walk around it! Fortunately, we do have the couch upstairs. So, whenever we are both ready and able, we are going to make the switch of the two couches. Works out for us! This couch is so comfortable, I'm kind of glad it doesn't fit in the basement, so that I can enjoy it upstairs! 
We are so excited to have this space! Last night, after going through all of the work to set up the couch, we sat back, relaxed and enjoyed a movie. "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" which is an adorable movie! This room is finished just in time for the Olympics, can't wait to see all of the action on the big screen!
Does your "dream home" have a theater room?
<3 Lauren