Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hall Bathroom Update

Our guest bathroom in the hallway was a mess. It was outdated and even when you cleaned all day and scrubbed every inch, it still managed to look dirty. Here are some before pictures.

Vladimir enjoyed demolishing this room more than any other... what a relief it was to get the tiles off the walls and clear the floors of those ugly tiles!

We haven't quite finished yet, but we're hoping to have the bathroom done in the next week or two. We've made a lot of progress! Vladimir found a beautiful white marble and installed it on the floors and the wall in the shower. He made an outline around the cabinets and doorway. He's installed a large mirror, but we have yet to pick out a lighting fixture. We thought about having double sinks... However, if we had double sinks, we wouldn't be able to have as much storage in the cabinets. We figured that since it's a guest/hall bathroom that it'd be better to have more room on the counter and in the cabinets rather than an extra sink. Here are some pictures of the progress.

To Do List:
1. Add grout in the marble
2. Sand the walls
3. Paint the walls (I'm thinking a light blue or green)
4. Install the toilet
5. Install the faucets
6. Add hardware to the cabinets & drawers
7. Add trim
8. Clean up and done!

I plan to have light blue walls, and decorate with bamboo and yellow accents. Can't wait :)

<3 Lauren