Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home Inspiration Journal

From the time I moved to Richmond in late 2005, I have lived in 4 different spaces. All of which were small, downtown 1-2 bedroom apartments. That is, until I moved in with my husband to his (now our) house in Southside. I made that move in August 2011... almost a year ago. Would you believe it if I told you half of my stuff is still in boxes in the garage? Pathetic, I know... but I do have a few excuses...
When I moved in to the house in August, we were in the final crunch of wedding planning before the big day (which was in October.) That alone was a pile of stress. Then add on a hurricane that blew out our electricity for over a week, trying to finish the flooring of the entire upstairs of our house, tearing down the ceiling, renovating the kitchen, etc. We lived in the basement those first two months. As cramped as it was, we made it work.  
Needless to say, we just didn't have room for all of my things when we first moved in. As we've slowly been finishing our house room by room, we just haven't had the time or motivation to go through all of those boxes. We haven't set a date quite yet to clean out the garage, but I'll be sure to post some before/after's of cleaning that space. Let me tell you, it will be a sight to see!
Enough blabbering, the reason I bring this up is because I was digging through some of my old things packed up in the garage and I found my old home inspiration journal.

I started this journal when Vladimir and I were at the beginning stages of renovating, while we were still coming up with ideas. We flipped through hundreds of Interior Design magazines. I told Vladimir to tear out pages of whatever he liked and I did the same. Then I just pasted those images down in my notebook. It was nothing fancy, just images we both were inspired by. I haven't seen this journal in over a year, and let me tell you... I was quite surprised when I flipped through it again. I couldn't believe how closely our finished rooms resembled the pages in our journal! Here's a few examples.

I'm so glad I found it and will definitely be adding to it again as we continue our renovations. I encourage all of you to start a home inspiration journal if you don't have one already... Even if you don't own a home or aren't working on renovations, it's still fun to put those ideas you have down on paper. 
Do you have a home inspiration journal?
<3 Lauren


  1. Wow - your new kitchen really does resemble your journal! Love the idea of bookmarking inspiration and have been addicted to using Pinterest for this same reason!

  2. wow, your house looks amazing! and so like your inspiration pictures