Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kitchen Renovation Before & After

I just found another "before" picture of our kitchen and wanted to share it. This was after the wall was ripped down and the fridge was sold. The pictures were taken from just about the same view point, you can really see how different the space is now!

<3 Lauren


  1. Wow your kitchen looks absolutely amazing! Very nicely done, I bet you are loving it!

  2. That is an amazing before/after! It looks fantastic.

  3. how gorgeous! isn't a good end result the most satisfying thing??
    You are making me miss Virginia, too! Erick and I lived in Lynchburg for 5 years after we got married. Loved every minute of it. :)

  4. Nice post,It is looking very nice after remodeling.It is the result of your hard work.Thanks for sharing.

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