Friday, July 13, 2012

Office Renovation Update

Our office is finished! I am actually sitting at my very own desk in my office typing to you right now! It feels so refreshing to finally have a home for our laptop, hard drives, files, printer... the list goes on and on. We've only just finished this room, so decorating will be the next venture :) 
This is what our office looked like before, drab and boring. I'm a believer in bright white molding, so the off-white/beige molding in this room used to drive me crazy!

Vladimir used wood panels to cover up mistakes in the ceiling. (You can see the ceiling renovation here) He also installed this beautiful, modern track lighting fixture that has been sitting up in our attic for a couple years. I love the way the light bounces around creating gorgeous patterns on the ceiling.

Our cabinet structure looks great in the new space! (You can see our cabinet renovation here.) We've already been filling the cabinets and drawers with our office/art supplies. I'm on the lookout for a cute little chair to sit at the desk. Any ideas?

We used the same textured wallpaper in this space as we did our guest room. As you can see, we've only added our desk and this ikea rug to the space. The rug was only 20 bucks! Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding decor and more storage items. I have a cute little Ikea couch in storage that we plain to move in here... have I mentioned how much I love Ikea? ;) This will do for now though, until we finish unpacking!

I plan to do a bit of bargain shopping over the next few weeks to finish the space. Hopefully finding a cute desk lamp and some sort of window treatment. 
Vladimir added stainless steel covers to the electrical outlets and the light switch. I thought it was a cute touch that ties in the desk, cabinet fixtures, and our lighting fixture.

Any suggestions/ideas/inspiration for decor in this room would be much appreciated! Thanks :)

<3 Lauren


  1. Looks great Lauren - what a difference! Love the stainless switch-plate details, we are in the middle of switching over to stainless switch-plates in our downstairs bathroom and agree at what a difference it can make.

    Looking forward to watching this new office of yours evolve.

  2. Fantastic!! It's looking great :) And that rug; $20!! I think I need it in my bedroom! I've been on the hunt for an affordable grey rug; Ikea is 3 1/2 hours away from us though. SIGH...but maybe this is a good excuse to get back there. ;-)
    Can't wait to see what else you come up with!!