Thursday, July 12, 2012

Russian/Ukrainian Parties

Last night, Vladimir and I joined family and friends to celebrate our nephew's 9th birthday. My in-laws set up the party in true Ukrainian fashion. 
Which got me thinking, every Eastern European birthday party or event I've been to has been set up in the same style. Long tables filled with food and drinks... If you've never been to an event thrown by Russians, you're missing out :) 
They're wonderful. To begin, the long table is set up with cold salads. Everyone sits, eats, and enjoys conversations. Later, the hot food comes out, which is typically meat and potatoes. They're always set up on long rectangular tables, which is how I modeled my wedding reception
Anyways, I've been to many of these parties over the years, and the tables always look fabulous :) I wanted to share with you some photos of these long party tables.
Our Nephew Nikolas's 9th Birthday
Vladimir's birthday in 2008
One of our friend's birthday a couple weeks ago

My birthday in 2009, aka my first Russian style birthday :) 

Vladimir's birthday in 2010

I'm going to share some recipes for my favorite Russian salads and appetizers soon! What's your favorite way to set up a party?

<3 Lauren


  1. I'm so jealous I don't have more Russian friends! I studied Russian in school, and really miss it. I also really miss the tasty treats my Muscovite teacher would bring to class!

    1. Yes, the food is amazing! I need to start practicing my Russian again, I'm falling behind! Let me know if you ever decide to take a Russian language course again, I'm thinking about it! :)

  2. I am getting very hungry looking at these pictures. What a spread!