Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Kitchen, the Beauty in the Details

I've shared with you all our kitchen renovation, but realized that those pictures only showed one viewpoint of the space. Today I want to share the details of this kitchen that make it so special and functional for us. 

If I had to pick a defining feature of the space, it would be the kitchen island. I don't know if the picture does it justice, but it's a whoppin' 10 feet long! Vladimir always said he wanted a huge island and he definitely delivered with this massive giant. It's been great for cooking and entertaining, so much room! 

The 3 different colored cabinets are probably the second biggest defining feature. Stainless steel on top, glass with a white backdrop beneath, and dark brown bamboo cabinets on the floor. At first I was disappointed when I found out we wouldn't have room for a pantry, but the amount of cabinet storage we were able to get totally made up for it!

We put all of the items that we use everyday in the white cabinets, since they are easily accessible. Larger appliances and dry food are stored in the higher stainless steel cabinets.

I love magnets and hanging up notes/pictures/bills on the fridge. However, I'm also not a fan of a cluttered fridge. It wouldn't have mattered anyway because our stainless steel refrigerator isn't magnetic. Vladimir installed a large stainless steel cabinet on top of the fridge for extra storage. In order to make the transition on the side from the fridge to the cabinet seamless, he installed a metal board and attached it to the two. This metal board happens to be magnetic :) 

Since the magnetic board is located on the side of the fridge, it's completely out of view when looking on the kitchen. It worked out perfect for us! We got to keep our magnet collection, while keeping the fridge uncluttered :)

We only started collecting a couple years ago, but we've already got some real treasures. Do you have any collections? 

I love our backsplash. We found it to be the perfect fit in our "modern" kitchen.

Apparently we are right on trend with our sink. It's a black granite composite sink and I love it. We were deciding between this and stainless steel; and since our kitchen is oozing stainless steel we opted for this sink. I love the way it blends right in with our black granite.

Our one appliance that is not stainless steel is our microwave. It was on major clearance at IKEA, so we snatched it up! It ends up breaking up all that stainless steel a bit. It also matches the black granite countertops and granite composite sink. I was a bit weary of having the microwave located with the bottom cabinets instead of with the taller cabinets. There was just no room for the microwave on top anywhere, but honestly, I don't mind at all having it down below. I actually like it better like this, as it stays out of the way.

This small feature is one of my favorites! It's a  Simple Human caddy and I just love it. It fits right into the sink and is perfect to hold brushes and sponges so they don't get in the way. I like for all of my gadgets to have a home. :) Right to the left of the caddy is the soap dispenser that Vladimir installed which is also very handy.

Our kitchen faucet is one of my absolute favorite features of our kitchen. It makes doing the dishes so much faster and more fun! 

This is the top view look into one of our drawers... the most popular one. This is the "tea drawer." I picked this up from my college roommate. In our little apartment we had a full drawer dedicated to different teas. I carried on this tradition into our home. Vladimir loves it, he is an an avid tea drinker.

The flooring in our kitchen is a beautiful pine. I really wish that the previous owners had carried this wood throughout the house, because it is just gorgeous! I think it adds so much character to the space.

Here is a view from the floor. We purchased a Martha Stewart Comfort Mat from Home Depot for only $20! If you've seen these comfort mats around, you'll appreciate that price... Other brands go for over $100 and this mat is just as comfortable. To the left is our wine cooler, which is used mostly for other beverages, Pellegrino, OJ, milk and juice. :) Our oven is to the right of the wine cooler and our dishwasher is to the far right of the picture. 

What are your favorite features in your kitchen? 

<3 Lauren