Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinkadilly Tea at Smythe's Cottage in Fredericksburg Virginia

A couple years ago, my mom discovered Pinkadilly Tea at Smythe's Cottage. Since then, we come here whenever possible! This weekend, the ladies got together to celebrate my niece's 5th birthday.

On the left, Amelia in 2010 for Christmas Tea. On the right, Amelia celebrating her 5th birthday.
This was my third time visiting Pinkadilly and each trip has been a special treat. It's a cute little pink cottage that serves full tea service, sandwiches, and treats. The inside is fully decked out with pink, lace, and dainty adornments. In the back, they have several fun hats to wear while you're having your tea. I had my bridesmaids luncheon there last year, we all had a great time picking out which hats to wear :)

My bridesmaids and me
Here with the ladies of my family and in-laws
We always get the full service, which starts off with your own pot of tea. They have a great selection, as well as pink lemonade for the little ones. 

I always pick the Lady Londonderry, black tea with hints of lemon and strawberry.
Next comes out quiche and soup, which are always delicious... I've never been disappointed with their quiche. Their signature crab chowder is just mouthwatering.  

This time I got Zucchini quiche with French Onion soup, both excellent!
After you've finished those, out comes a giant tower of treats!

This picture really captures the excitement of the tower of treats :) (Sorry, Sarah ;) )

 The bottom layer has the best scones I've ever had, which come out nice and warm. Each person is served a side of Devonshire cream and lemon curd to top the scones. The next layer has a variety of sandwiches and wraps, the standout being their homemade chicken salad. For the children, they make pb & j sandwiches. The top layer is filled with sweets, always changing with the season. This time they had a parfait that tasted like keylime pie, a moist decadent strawberry cake with a sweet white frosting, and some chocolate truffles. I've never tried anything here that I haven't absolutely loved. 

It's a great spot for birthdays, luncheons, any sort of bridal events, etc; but make sure to make a reservation ahead! Guys are welcome too, but it's really more of a ladies spot :) If you're ever in the area, check it out!

Do you ever go out for tea? If so, any recommendations? 

<3 Lauren