Thursday, September 20, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for my absence as of late... I have been busy busy busy. I am applying for Grad School to start Spring 2013 and am currently knee deep in study material for the GRE. Studying is starting to hurt my brain a little bit, but it feels good to relearn so much material that I've forgotten over the years... 

Welcoming my brother home :)
Another time consumer is planning a big family dinner in the next two weeks. I started to plan a big dinner while my brother was on deployment in Afghanistan. Now that he is safe and sound back home (thank the Lord!), it's getting time for the big day. I am very nervous and excited; not only will I have my parents and siblings, but I will also have my in-laws over. Lots of people to impress! I'm planning a big meal to incorporate the Ukrainian traditions I've picked up from my new family as well as the traditions I was raised with. Not only will this be a great time for everyone to enjoy each other's company, it will also be a time to reveal our finished house! 

We've been kicking the renovation into high gear. Now that we have a set date for everything to be done (which is less than two weeks away) Vladimir and I have been working endlessly. The bathroom is finished (mind the lighting fixture that needs to be hung); our corridor has fresh paint, new doors and new hardware; both of our guestrooms have beds made up with fresh linens.... It's all coming together! Hopefully I'll have time to sneak away from studying to get some good house update posts on here soon!

Are you working on any home renovation projects? Have you hosted a dinner for your parents and/or in-laws before?

<3 Lauren