Monday, September 17, 2012

RVA Color Run 2012

Valentina and Vladimir after the race
This past Saturday, my husband and niece ran in the Richmond Color Run. Running is something I've always wanted to love, but never could. I have bad knees for one, but mainly could never run enough on a regular basis to actually start enjoying it. After watching this 5k though, it made me want to start trying. My husband and niece did a wonderful job.
Valentina and Vladimir met up with our friends Sarah and Andrew, great running team!
The color run is unlike any other race I've seen before. It's not timed, which takes off the pressure. They really encourage you to go out there and have fun. There are several checkpoints along their run where runners get splashed with color. I still haven't figured out exactly what the color is, but the best way I can describe it is like paint in powder form. 
Valentina covered in colors :)
When you register, you're given a packet that includes a white color run t-shirt (which many use as their racing shirt), a headband, race number, a packet of color, and some other goodies. They tell you to save your packet of color for after the race. 

The most unique running outfit at the race, a wedding gown :)
Partying while throwing color
Dance Party
After the runners make it through the 5k finish line, they gather in front of a stage where they blast dance music and encourage the runners to party and throw around their color packets. It was such a wild thing to see from a distance. They did a countdown for everyone to throw up their color packets at the same time. The colors being thrown into the air looked so neat, but then the colors mixed, turning it into a cloud of brown, like a bomb just went off... All the while, loud dance music blasted and everyone dances. It was a giant, colorful moshpit, hah!

It really looked like a lot of fun, I think I'll definitely try it out next year. Hopefully they'll come back to Richmond!!

Do you participate in running events and races? If so, which is your favorite?

<3 Lauren