Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tudor Revival Style House Makeover, Part 2

Vladimir and his helpers have been busy busy busy the past two days! I posted before about how we are doing a tudor style makeover for the front of our house, and the work has now begun! Yesterday was the demolition, today they've been attaching the new siding to the front, and tomorrow will be adding beams and painting primer. So excited to share with you the finished product, but until then, here are some pics from the past two days.

This is a shot of the front of the house before.

First they stripped the house of the previous shutters and siding

Our nephew Nik enjoy sitting on the roof
I wouldn't recommend trying this at home... A ladder stacked on top of another ladder isn't exactly safe...
Next step was adding the new siding, beams will be attached to cover the seams

Finished for today!
Now that the siding is up, they just have to patch, sand, prime and paint; and then attach the beams. :) I can't wait!

<3 Lauren